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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stay Green Use Earth Friendly Paint

Why I Like To Use Eco Friendly Paints Stains Etc 

It Keep's Hole e Stars Earth Friendly

Unfinished Handcrafted FurnitureThe reason why I like building unfinished furniture is that it allows freedom choice.You as the consumer can purchase your own paint or stain color hopefully earth friendly! Depending on your decor there are probably over 100 ways to paint an unfinished furniture piece.
You can paint ,stencil,distress or stain the possibilites are endless! The most important thing to remember is choosing a paint stain or varnish with little or no voc's
I know that conventional paints smell so strong it takes days for the smell to leave your house imagine what it does to your lungs!!!
These conventional paints off gas voc's(volatile organic compounds).........That Horrible Strong Smell when you open the can.These fumes not only pollute your home but they can also cause headaches watery eyes, breathing problems,nausea and cancer. Bottom line if it smells bad it 's probably bad for you! Did I mention that the air inside your home is actually more polluted than the air outside.Three times to be exact! The EPA states it's one of the top 5 hazards to the health of humans. Paint and stains being the leading cause of pollution and health problems.It all boils down to purchasing eco friendly paints,stains, varnishes etc.
Seven good reasons to use eco friendly paint.
1- Easy clean up just soap and water! 2- No smell ! 3-No toxins ! 4-You'll keep yourself healthy! 5- It' s good for Mother Earth!
6-Good for your children! 7-It's just as effective as conventional paint!
For a cleaner and brighter future GO GREEN!! Be good to yourself! Be good to Mother Earth.

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