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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hole e Stars! How Did You Get That Name? The Hole e Stars Story

My name is Rich, A.K.A. Hole e Stars, people are always asking me how I came up with my furniture creation of a star with eight circles around it and...... ask how did you get the name Hole e Stars!!
Well...here is my story. When friends and relatives see the furniture I make they would always say to me you should start your own furniture business.I told them I have a passion for woodworking, but it's just a hobby.Well I lost my job because of the economy and needed to do something.
Why not handcrafted furniture I thought ! So on August 19th 2009 Hole e Stars Handcrafted Furniture was born.
The name Hole e Stars came about when I was building a shoe storage seat for my wife for Christmas. I bought a scroll saw to cut out a star on the top of the bench but it didn't work so I sent it back.
I wanted to finish the bench before Christmas but..... it didn't look like I was going to get another one any time soon.
Afraid to wait any longer thinking the shoe storage seat wouldn't be ready in time for Christmas my creative wheels starting turning.
I came up with the brilliant idea to make a wooden star and surround it with eight plugs.
I said Hole e Crap! No...... Hole e Stars! Wow... I just named my business!
The star and the plugs around it looked so fantastic, I decided to make it my company logo now a registered trademark!
I really like to create unique, uncommon one of a kind fabulous furniture pieces that will stand out from the crowd.
You never know what I'll come up with next maybe something wild and crazy !

1 comment:

  1. rich,
    great story! its been said that 'everything happens for a reason'. Now we know why the scroll saw didn't work. lol.


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