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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Much Snow

Well I knew we were in for a bad winter by the way all the acorns were falling off my trees this summer.
I guess it was natures way of telling all the squirrels to stock up we're in for a bad winter.
Waking up this morning to two feet of snow was no laughing matter.
It takes hours to dig yourself out.
New England weather....... I'm ready to move getting too old for all this snow.

Well on a happier note I've created some new primitive items. here are a few new pictures.
You can  hide your toaster with class! Indroducing my Mr. toaster toaster cover.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hole e Stars! How Did You Get That Name? The Hole e Stars Story

My name is Rich, A.K.A. Hole e Stars, people are always asking me how I came up with my furniture creation of a star with eight circles around it and...... ask how did you get the name Hole e Stars!!
Well...here is my story. When friends and relatives see the furniture I make they would always say to me you should start your own furniture business.I told them I have a passion for woodworking, but it's just a hobby.Well I lost my job because of the economy and needed to do something.
Why not handcrafted furniture I thought ! So on August 19th 2009 Hole e Stars Handcrafted Furniture was born.
The name Hole e Stars came about when I was building a shoe storage seat for my wife for Christmas. I bought a scroll saw to cut out a star on the top of the bench but it didn't work so I sent it back.
I wanted to finish the bench before Christmas but..... it didn't look like I was going to get another one any time soon.
Afraid to wait any longer thinking the shoe storage seat wouldn't be ready in time for Christmas my creative wheels starting turning.
I came up with the brilliant idea to make a wooden star and surround it with eight plugs.
I said Hole e Crap! No...... Hole e Stars! Wow... I just named my business!
The star and the plugs around it looked so fantastic, I decided to make it my company logo now a registered trademark!
I really like to create unique, uncommon one of a kind fabulous furniture pieces that will stand out from the crowd.
You never know what I'll come up with next maybe something wild and crazy !

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Water Based Stain Colors

I'm looking into getting some new water based stain colors for my handcrafted furniture.The water based stains I get now do not have the greatest selection of colors.Really like to get colors that will pop out and add some charisma to the piece.I'm also getting into doing more buttermilk finishes too.One thing I like about doing an unfinished piece is that you can dent it up and distress the piece to give it an old grungy primitive look.You can paint it to give it a modern look.Or you can stain it to give it a country or rustic look. Let's not forget that you could hand paint or stencil your piece also.The best thing about buying an unfinished piece is that you can match the color to fit perfectly with your decor. In this day and age when everything is mass produced it's nice to know you can still purchase handcrafted pieces created just for you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Ways To Promote Your Online Store

If your starting out like me you know how hard it is to get your traffic to your online store. I know the best way starting out is to find free ways to promote your online store! Free is good! 1-Free classified ads is a great way to promote your store such as craigs list or backpage..2-Ecrater a free online store builder which I have a few of my items on is another fine way.3-I do a lot of google searching asking what, why and how.4- You can do a blog a day such as wordpress.5- Writing a lens on Squidoo like I'm doing now new to me too! It all boils down to a lot of endless hours of hard work determination and passion to make your dreams a reality.But if you love what your doing like I DO then they say you never work a day in your life!Rich A.K.A.Hole e Stars.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Plans For Hole e Stars

Well I've been giving a lot of thought to what I like to create for the up coming year.I'm thinking probably some small primitive items. I decided to do some  really grungy primitive items it seems to be quite the style.
I still like offering unfinished  though only because not everyone likes that really prim look. Different strokes for different folks.Well it's really great to be on the team of the undiscovered artist of etsy!. We have such wonderful leaders running the team.I guess we just reached 100 mark.Well if it can get new sellers noticed I say great! There is nothing harder than trying to promote your business. It's definitely a 16 hour day.I find myself doing a lot of google searches to try and do free promotions for my business.Well it's back to work I go.Hi Ho Hi Ho !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stay Green Use Earth Friendly Paint

Why I Like To Use Eco Friendly Paints Stains Etc 

It Keep's Hole e Stars Earth Friendly

Unfinished Handcrafted FurnitureThe reason why I like building unfinished furniture is that it allows freedom choice.You as the consumer can purchase your own paint or stain color hopefully earth friendly! Depending on your decor there are probably over 100 ways to paint an unfinished furniture piece.
You can paint ,stencil,distress or stain the possibilites are endless! The most important thing to remember is choosing a paint stain or varnish with little or no voc's
I know that conventional paints smell so strong it takes days for the smell to leave your house imagine what it does to your lungs!!!
These conventional paints off gas voc's(volatile organic compounds).........That Horrible Strong Smell when you open the can.These fumes not only pollute your home but they can also cause headaches watery eyes, breathing problems,nausea and cancer. Bottom line if it smells bad it 's probably bad for you! Did I mention that the air inside your home is actually more polluted than the air outside.Three times to be exact! The EPA states it's one of the top 5 hazards to the health of humans. Paint and stains being the leading cause of pollution and health problems.It all boils down to purchasing eco friendly paints,stains, varnishes etc.
Seven good reasons to use eco friendly paint.
1- Easy clean up just soap and water! 2- No smell ! 3-No toxins ! 4-You'll keep yourself healthy! 5- It' s good for Mother Earth!
6-Good for your children! 7-It's just as effective as conventional paint!
For a cleaner and brighter future GO GREEN!! Be good to yourself! Be good to Mother Earth.

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